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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Stories about Western Outlaws!

Butch Cassidy
Matt Warner
Elzy Lay
Harry Longabough

Bad men who made their mark on western pioneer culture.
Heroes or villains?

One way or another, the left great stories.
Outlaw stories are some of my favorites! And audiences seem to agree.

Here I am in front of the bank that Matt Warner and Butch Cassidy robbed in Telluride, Colorado.
It was their first bank robbery.

This is the home that Butch Cassidy's father built in Circleville, Utah, after Butch had left home to follow the outlaw trail.

Here I am by the cabin near Circleville, Utah, where Butch Cassidy lived as a boy until he left home.

And here I am telling stories about the Outlaw past.

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