Here's a joke for you:


Laughter is the best medicine!

Unless you're treating diarrhea.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

part three of YOU MUST BE JOKING

scroll down for more information about this talk, my presentations in general, and information about me and what I do.
Off to the right there's a link to my other page, TEACH A MAN TO FISH.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Notes from my promo kit:

Darrell’s been speaking and teaching most of his life. And joking too! The plain truth is that Darrell’s a very funny guy!
As a stand up comedian in the 1990’s Darrell learned the fear that comes with telling jokes to a skeptical audience. Joke telling is a true skill that can be learned and perfected.
Teaching guitar starting at age 14 Darrell learned to help others develop skill with hand’s on communication.
Later in college Darrell developed an amazingly effective English language book called English Without An Accent. Focusing on personal challenges ESL students faced he was able to achieve immediate results for his students.
“The kind of humor I like is the thing that makes me laugh for five seconds and think for ten minutes.”.
Here’s the quick run down of qualities Darrell prizes:
1. Father of four, husband of a brown eyed girl. Blues guitarist for 35 years. Proud member of his own family band.
2. Teacher, author, speaker, joke teller. Darrell is a fluent Spanish speaker.
3. Darrell’s work frequently puts him in front of audiences, resulting in a wonderful talent for humor and speaking.

Following is more detailed information on Darrell’s presentations
How’s your sense of humor? Darrell can help. In this presentation audience participation is encouraged. You’ll learn advanced joke-telling, timing, delivery, and a collection of the best jokes you’ll ever hear.
Laughter is like a diaper change. It’s not a permanent solution, just something that makes life tolerable.
Apart from learning more effective communication through joke telling, you’ll come away with a whole collection of wonderful new jokes.
Audition participation is sought and encouraged as a part of this presentation.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

News from the Joking seminar in July

We had a LOT of fun!!

Pictures and video are on their way!!!

Many oppotunities to present my Joking seminar have started coming my way.

I'm excited to see where this will all lead.

I hope to speak aboard a cruise ship this fall, and I'm approaching some agencies in Vegas.

And it's all to help people with communication and humor. Very noble ideals.

How about a joke?

A man walked into the clubhouse and noticed a friend sitting in a corner wearing a neck brace. He sat down and asked his mate what happened.

"Well, I was playing golf and I hit my ball into the rough," replied his friend."Then I met a lady who was looking for her ball too. I found mine, so I thought I'd give her a hand. There was a cow nearby and I noticed that every time the cow twitched its tail there was a flash of white. So I went over to it and lifted its tail and sure enough there was the ball. I called out to the lady and said, 'Hey Lady, does this look like yours?' And she hit me with her driver!"

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A facebook page for our presentation


Go sign up.

This is going to be fun.

Here's a joke to prove it:

Two lawyers arrive at the pub and ordered a couple of drinks. They then take sandwiches from their briefcases and began to eat.
Seeing this, the angry publican approaches them and says, 'Excuse me, but you cannot eat your own sandwiches in here!'
The two look at each other, shrug and exchange sandwiches.

Anyway, here's the link to our facebook page:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Come to my presentation on July 10th!


It's true!

On July 10th, at 1:30 pm, I'll be presenting:

"You must be Joking"at the Centerville library.

It's going to be great. We'll talk about the right way and the wrong way to tell a joke. We'll talk about ways that an enhanced sense of humor can improve your social life, your career, and you intelligence.


you'll have the opportunity to come up and share a joke and have your style analysed, or learn how to tell a joke.

It's going to be GREAT!

And while we're at it, here's a good joke:

A cowboy walks into a wild west saloon, sits down at the bar and asks for a shot of whiskey. The bartender serves him his whiskey and says,

"You hear about the Brown Paper Cowboy? Hung him they did."

The cowboy at the bar looks up and says

"Why do they call him the Brown Paper Cowboy?"

The bartender explains,

"They call him the Brown Paper Cowboy because all of his clothes are made of brown paper - his hat, his shirt, pants - even his chaps are made of brown paper."

The cowboy nods in recognition and asks,

"So why'd they hang him?"

The bartender replies,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You must be JOKING!!

Very soon I'm presenting a one hour seminar on joke telling. It will be at the Centerville Library, and admission is free!
We're going to have LOTS of fun!
You'll learn ways to use humor to improve your social skills and enjoy life more!
Stay tuned!!!