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Friday, January 27, 2012

A new way to promote my speaking.

I've created a facebook page just for my speaking.

You Must Be Joking! Facebook page.

I'll be talking about all my speaking on this page.
There will be FREQUENT jokes,
And updates on my weight training,
And new insights I learn about TEACH A MAN TO FISH.

Since this page is all about joking, here's an old one, but a good one:

A man isn't feeling well, so he goes to see his doctor. The doctor examines him, and then asks to speak with his wife. The doctor tells his wife that her husband has a serious, stress related illness that is quickly killing him. The wife asks "can he be cured?"
The doctor replies "there's a chance we can cure him with chemotherapy, but you will need to take care of him every day for the next year -- cooking all his favorite meals, pampering him, making sure he has no stress or responsibilities around the house. You need to give him back rubs, and let him just sit and watch his favorite shows on tv. Never argue or disagree with him. By doing all this, you’ll save his life." When the wife comes out to the waiting room, the husband asks her what the doctor said.
The wife answers,  "he said that you're going to die".

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