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Monday, December 12, 2011

New blog, New project. TUBBY YOU!

That's right, I think you're tubby!

Over the past year I've had an amazing experience.
Due mainly to stress, I started to seek more physical activity.
You know, walking, less couch-sitting, etc.
But it wasn't enough.
My stress made me crave more.
One day I was cleaning the garage, and I came across my son's old weight bench. I pulled it out, dusted it off, and set it up. I started playing with the weights, experimenting with different kinds of exercises and pretended to work out.
And best of all, it felt GREAT!
Free weights quickly became my new hobby and obsession.
I'm not doing it for weight loss, and I'm not doing it for health or fitness.
I'm just lifting because it feels good, and it's fun.
Quite and experience, and I'm documenting it all.
Maybe I've got something fun for you tubby middle aged people to learn.
I'm going to be speaking about this experience as well.
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  2. Thanks!!
    I'd be happy to help you anyway I can.
    I'm going to keep this site updated with my program information and anything new that is going on!!