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Sunday, July 25, 2010

News from the Joking seminar in July

We had a LOT of fun!!

Pictures and video are on their way!!!

Many oppotunities to present my Joking seminar have started coming my way.

I'm excited to see where this will all lead.

I hope to speak aboard a cruise ship this fall, and I'm approaching some agencies in Vegas.

And it's all to help people with communication and humor. Very noble ideals.

How about a joke?

A man walked into the clubhouse and noticed a friend sitting in a corner wearing a neck brace. He sat down and asked his mate what happened.

"Well, I was playing golf and I hit my ball into the rough," replied his friend."Then I met a lady who was looking for her ball too. I found mine, so I thought I'd give her a hand. There was a cow nearby and I noticed that every time the cow twitched its tail there was a flash of white. So I went over to it and lifted its tail and sure enough there was the ball. I called out to the lady and said, 'Hey Lady, does this look like yours?' And she hit me with her driver!"

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