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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Joke Telling Seminar was a success!

Everybody had a great time!
I'll be posting video and pictures soon.

Until then,
Here are a few jokes to celebrate the occasion.

Don't repeat this one:

A famous artist was at the height of her career when she began losing her eyesight. She went to a very famous eye doctor for treatment. After a delicate surgery, her eyes began heal and her eyesight improved.
As a demonstration of her thanks, the artist when to the doctor's office and painted a gigantic eye on the wall of the doctor's waiting room.
The press caught wind of the story and wanted to interview the doctor.
"How does this lovely painting in your office make you feel?"
The doctor rubbed his chin and raised an eyebrow.
"It makes me thankful I'm not a gynecologist."
A man went to his doctor because he was sick. The doctor did a thorough exam, and when he looked in the man’s ears, he saw dollar bills, folded very small, and stuff neatly in there.
He began to carefully extract the money with a pair of tweezers. First one ear, and then the other. It took more than an hour.
"Do you realize that you had one thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine dollar bills stuffed in your ears?"
"Ah! That must have been it! I knew I wasn't feeling two grand."
A man went to his doctor and said:
"Doc, can you help me? I can't stop sleepwalking."
The doctor went to a cabinet and took out a small box and gave it to the man.
"Are these sleeping pills?" He asked.

"No, they're tacks. Spread them around on the floor around your bed."

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