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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Remember Bugs Bunny?

Bugs was ALWAYS joking around at the expense of others.
Things were especially funny when other characters DIDN’T understand the jokes Bugs made.
How did Bugs react to people who didn’t “get it”?
He would lean against something, a wall or a tree maybe, and he would stare at his victim while loudly eating his carrot.
Then he would say,
“What’s up, Doc?”
What’s up? That’s our question. That’s what we’re trying to ascertain when we tell someone a joke. Will they laugh? Will they groan? Will they be confused?
We must, in turn, react to our audience just like Bugs Bunny would. Whether they get it or not, we calmly munch our carrot. Okay, you probably won’t have a carrot when you tell a joke. But don’t be anxious. It’s a joke, it’s not a secret nuclear launch code.
If your audience doesn’t laugh, or groans, don’t exhibit any reaction at all. They will be left wondering if they really understood your joke at all.
That’s an advantage for you.
If they don’t get it, that’s PRICELESS. Stare at them. Stare in the direction they’re looking, as if trying to figure out why they don’t understand. Snap your fingers in front of their face as if trying to wake them. Blow in their ear, as if you’re checking for a pilot light.
The possibilities are endless and HUMOROUS!
And finally, if your audience DOES get your joke, and if they laugh,

The second one will go over even better than the first one did!

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