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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Okay, one more joke about Mormons!

I'm not harping on Mormons, and I'm not trying to offend. I do admit that I'm pushing the envelope. But that's what humor is all about. I am 100 percent against offending with jokes, but I'll still step on a toe now and then. But remember I love you all!

A Catholic priest, a Lutheran minister and an Evangelical preacher are arguing about religion one day when the phone rings.
The priest gets up to answer it. After listening for few moments, he says, “Yes, I will pass on the news,” and hangs up.
Turning to the others, he says, “I have good news and bad news.”
"Really? Do tell,” the minister says.
"My friends,” the priest announces, "that was the Lord Jesus on the phone, and he was calling to say he’s back."
"Glory be!” shouts the preacher. “What could possibly be bad news now?”
"Well,” the priest says, “He was calling from Salt Lake City.”

Two ladies were visiting over lunch.
One said to the other: “How do you keep your husband from staying out late?”
“Well,” said the second lady, “The last time my husband stayed out late, I called to him when he got home. I called, ‘Is that you, Jack?”
“How did that help?”

“My husband’s name is Robert.”

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